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   Royal Ballet

Royal Ballet

Christmas is a magical time of glistening snow and sparkly decorations.  It’s for rejoicing together with friends and family.  The season is full of holiday parties and programs.  However, between all the hustle and bustle, it's important to remember to find ways to enjoy the season with those you cherish most.  We've created a list of some of our favorite ways to experience the magic of Christmas with friends and family.  

The Nutcracker Ballet

See if a local company or dance school is performing this in your area. It’s a fun Christmas tradition filled with sweets, dancing, and a little girl’s sparkling dream on Christmas Eve.

Sleigh Ride

Bundle up, grab your family or friends, and go on a sleigh ride! Trade favorite holiday stories while you glide past your surroundings.

Ice Skating

Find a local ice skating rink, rent some skates, and head out for a fun, light-hearted, Christmas-themed date. Try balancing without using the wall. Have fun skating around holding your love’s hand.

Christmas Caroling

Print off your favorite Christmas hymns and gather up your family and friends. Make sure one of the can lead everyone in singing! Go door to door in your neighborhood singing and giving those around you a piece of joy.

Snuggle by fire

Take an evening on a cold, snowy day and just relax. Grab your favorite blanket and a good novel. You’ll need them for a cozy evening by the fireside!

Send Holiday Cheer

Have some of your good friends transitioned into different stages of their lives, and had to leave their hometown? Send them a cute holiday card! Maybe even try designing your own! Let your faraway friends know what life is looking like for you.

Scenic Holiday Lights

Find a cute neighborhood all lit up for the season. Take a slow drive through and marvel at the glittering lights. Which house is your favorite?

Candle Light Service

For many people, attending a Christmas candlelight service is the highlight of their Christmas.  This is a special occasion to rejoice together with friends and family over the birth of Christ.  

Make this Christmas special by spending it with those that mean the most to you. Find joy this Christmas by giving your time and your love to others!

    Rebekah Joan- Editorial Intern

Rebekah Joan- Editorial Intern


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