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We adore this stunning photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by the talented photographer Bert Stern.  Stern was able to capture the poignant humanity of the real woman— truly beautiful, but also fragile—who was a monumental sex symbol. This picture is remarkable for the raw truth it reveals.  We see an actress whose comedic talents were overshadowed by her sex appeal.  Stern was able to capture Marilyn's authentic beauty, which speaks volumes in comparison to our modern airbrushed age. His achievement feels revolutionary.

This month, we've created a photo-a-day event calendar where you can participate with us in capturing the authentic beauty of this holiday season.  You can learn more and find the days on our Instagram @EnRoseMagazine.  December is full of magical moments, from the twinkling lights to the smiles seen on the faces of those we love.  It’s a season full of miracles and generosity.  This Christmas we want you to be able to cherish your Christmas memories for many years to come.  So we put together a few photography tips to help you capture all those authentic and magical holiday moments . . .

Use the Rule of Thirds

Imagine that your picture is divided into nine even sections. So two lines horizontally and two lines vertically, spaced out evenly on your picture. Instead of always putting your subject in the center section, put it in a different one. It creates a different effect and can help draw someone into the magic of your photo.

 Use Different Angles

There are so many different ways to photograph one subject. Don't forget that. Get up on a chair or down on your knees. What does your subject look like from the side? Experiment with the variety of ways to take pictures of your subject. Try something different!

 Declutter Your Background

Unless going for a specific type of picture, keep clutter out of the background of your photograph. Buildings, cars, etc. Depending on your subject, anything can be a distraction. Make sure everything in your picture adds to the theme you’re going for.

Get Creative with Color

Again, try something different than you normally do. Try contrasting colors (red/green, orange/blue, yellow/purple) to make your subject pop. Use dark colors to create a moody scene. Light colors will give you a happy, bright theme. There are so many color combinations to use, and they’ll all come out with a different effect.

Use these tips this Christmas season and follow along with our photo-a-day challenge on Instagram! Be sure to use the hashtag #EnRoseDecember.


Tiffany Campbell
Editor in Chief

Rebekah Joan
Editorial Intern


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