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Beauty Report: Babylights

There is a new hair trend taking over Hollywood and it's called, Babylights!  This upcoming trend is actually inspired by our childhood hair after it had been lightened by long carefree days spent in the sunshine.   Take a peek at a picture of you between the ages of 4-7.  You will probably notice that your hair was lighter at the ends and had fine subtle highlights at the roots with brighter highlights around your face.  This new multidimensional trend is achieved by a process similar to highlights, and the ombre technique.  However, the difference is in the amount of hair that is placed in each foil and the separation between the foils.  Since Babylights, uses only a little bit of hair with smaller separations between the foils it creates a much softer look then that of ombre or highlights.  This new technique creates a beautiful and natural-looking color.  

I'm loving this trend because it is more of an au natural inspired look.  There is so much to be said about a girl who feels confident in her skin.  Of course, we might want to throw on a bit of mascara, or a little blush when were feeling pale, or, even maybe we're feeling a bit wild and want to experiment with a fun bright eyeliner color.  That is all great but at the core the most important thing is for you to know that you are beautiful despite what products you are wearing on your face or in your hair.  You are beautiful just being uniquely you!  This is why this new technique is so neat.  Babylights is inspired from your childhood days of playing outside with friends and just being you.  My favorite thing about this trend is that you get to look through photographs of you as a kid and then take that photograph into your stylist.  Your stylist then can recreate your youthful hair days.  

The main focus of babylights should be the baby-fine highlights around your hairline and natural part, with a delicate graduation of color that is two shades lighter at your ends.  Because this process is a bit involved we advise you to make an appointment with your stylist and discuss what accent shades would work best for your complexion and hair color.  As a rule of thumb, usually golden tones are ideal for those with dark skin, while girls with olive undertones should explore neutral tones and cool tones work best against fair skin.  

Go ahead and call your salon beforehand and ask them if they offer the babylights technique.  Remember, to also bring along a picture of you between the ages 4-7 years old, this will help inspire your stylist.  Obivously, if you are like me and were a blondie as child and now are a brownie you will want to explain to the stylist that you don't want a dramatic change but natural babylights, as if your hair was kissed by the sun.  The majority of your hair color should still be your natural color with adding only delicately highlighted accents to your overall look.   

A huge bonus of baby lights is that it's super low maintaince.  Since the highlights are fine and delicate they should seemlessing blend into your natural hair color as it grows out.  It is important to make sure you are adding moisture into your hair after being highlighted.  I love Matrix hydrating and smoothing shampoo and cream rinse.  It infuses just the right amount moisture into your hair and works on controlling frizzies while adding a pretty soft shine. 

What do you think about babylights?  Let us know in the comments below.

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