Bloom: She Called Me an Artist

She Called Me an Artist

Bon Anniverisare to our sweet, talented, gorgeous, and hard working intern, Rebekah!  She is a writer, artist, and corrector of mistyped words!   We wanted to share with you her initial submission to EnRose and the article that caught our attention!  Her article expresses our mission to be dreamers of dreams, curators of beauty and givers of love!  Our desire is that this article will encourage you to bloom in authentic beauty!

She Called Me an Artist

We were on our way to a concert when she said it. It rolled so naturally off of her lips, but it caught me in a dizzy shock.

She called me an artist.

I went into something of a panic afterward. I'd fooled her. I'd fooled myself. How could I be an artist? I created every day through paints, words, and my camera. Yet the smallness of who I was—a high school student with barely any artistic talent—suffocated the idea that I truly could be an artist.

That girl was the first to call me one, placing both a relieving hope and a crushing doubt in my heart. But there were others.

My head swirled with confusion as I was told that my mediocre paintings were beautiful. Whispering compliments hovered around me, telling me to never quit writing, to never give up photography, to keep pursuing my one true love—art for God.

It took months for the truth to sink in: that God had given me a talent. It had the power to mold me into someone more beautiful than who I was. And if I worked at that talent, it would bloom. I would bloom.

And oh, I did.

That talent grew. It continued to reach out to others, and to reach into me. Art healed me. From a broken heart, from hopelessness, from that dreaded feeling of purposelessness. Because whenever I created, I was always pointed to my beautiful, beautiful God.

The one true Artist created me to create after Him. For Him. So through my art, I've revealed parts of Him that I—and others—have never thought of before. If I was a vine, then He would be the post that I've grown around. We are intertwined together through beautiful art and a growing eagerness to be together. As long as He's supporting me, I won't wither away.

So, my dear fellow artist, don't forget what your work has the power to do. Art lights up my soul, and I have the power to use what I create to light others up. We all do. We can inspire, make a powerful point, encourage, or reveal more of our crazy-amazing God. The possibilities are endless.

God has given you with those possibilities. Don't deny them—embrace them. Take a walk with your ideas and God. Let Him put the pieces together, and then let Him use you to

make a masterpiece. Because He has a plan for you.

A plan for you,


And your beautiful, beautiful art

Written By: Rebekah Joan 

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