Editors' Letter: Share The Love

share the love with rosie

“The fragrance of love blooms in the hand that gives the rose." - Tiffany Campbell, Founder of Rosie Toes Outreach

This month is all about love!  What better gift to give than the gift of love?  At EnRose we acknowledge the importance of sharing love with those around us.  Rosie Toes Outreach was founded on the notion of sharing love to children and families affected by traumatic situations. We began the Rosie Toes initiative through our own personal story and to honor and build upon the legacy of our sister Kristen Rose “Rosie Toes” Campbell and our father Richard K. Campbell, who entered into heaven after a tragic accident.

Every year, millions of children and their families are disrupted and upended by stressful or traumatic events.  Going through a traumatic experience can be a confusing and stressful experience for children, adolescents, and their families.  Children process information from the world around them much differently than adults.  They have distinct needs for managing the effects of stress and trauma.  In times of crisis, children want to know, "Who will take care of me?" They're dependent on adults for their survival and security.  They need to know that they are going to be taken care of.  Without the assistance of those who understand and are compassionate to their unique perspective, children of all ages may experience emotions such as fear, shame, confusion and loneliness, which can inhibit their natural development, and have lasting negative effects on their well-being.  

In challenging situations, Rosie Toes Outreach offers hugs of love to help children and families during stressful situations.  We work together with pedratric specialist to help children grow into confident and caring human beings.  Rosie Toes Outreach believes that by providing the resources to develop positive emotional support for children facing a broad range of challenging experiences, particularly those related to healthcare and hospitalization, they are able to alleviate many of these issues before they arise.  When children are given opportunities to cope successfully with challenging experiences, they see themselves as more capable, more in control, and more reassured. This success often leads to a more positive sense of self, as well as a healthier regard for medical procedures in general.  When children feel less fearful about their circumstances, they experience greater emotional well-being and less psychological distress. 

Our commitment is to make this outreach available to all children, as we have learned from experience that the issues facing the age group we serve cross socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, religious, and other boundaries by which these children might otherwise be divided.  We do this by ensuring that all of our resources are available at no cost.  A large component of making this possible is through the engagement of caring adults who can make an enormous difference by volunteering their time and resources to positively influence the children who follow in their footsteps and share their communities.  We believe that our program provides the opportunity for children to grow as kind, understanding, and compassionate adults who will have positive impacts on their communities.

Get Involved and Share The Love

There are several ways that you can partner with Rosie Toes Outreach to share the love and become a Champion for Children!  You can get involved by going to therosietoes.com.  Rosie Toes has a line of Rosie Tees that you can purchase to help Dreams Come True for children in need.  At Enrose, we will be donating 100% of our proceeds from our new line of cards and prints to Rosie Toes Outreach this month.  Through your advocacy Rosie Toes Outreach works with local children’s hospitals and pediatric wings to bring smiles and comfort to children and families facing hardships. Through your partnership we are able to move hearts and touch families in ways nothing else can, speeding up the healing process by creating a stress-free, almost fun environment where children can continue to be children, even as they undergo treatment and recover from health issues.  Get involved this Valentines Day and #sharethelovewithrosietoes!

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