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holiday traditions


The Holiday season is upon us, with snowflakes waltzing through the air, carolers harmonizing, and the subtle fragrance of pine lingering in the air. Every family has their own holiday traditions, from opening presents Christmas morning to settling down every evening for Advent. We’ve gathered our favorites for you to sift through . . .

Get a Real Christmas Tree

Bundle up, grab the family, and go on a search for the perfect Christmas tree! Cut it down, bring it home, and decorate it together. Don’t forget to water it!

Have Special Ornaments

Each year, give a special ornament to each member in your family representing something special that relates to their year. After a few years, your tree will be a collage of your family’s special moments.

Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movies

My two favorites are It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas. What are some of yours? Try gathering your loved ones around and watching one every year! Make it fun: bake some cookies, experiment with a new holiday punch. Do whatever it takes to make it a special time for everyone.

Participate in Advent

Participating in Advent is a way to celebrate Christmas by realizing the hope of Jesus’s birth. There are many different ways to celebrate, from calendars, a wreath and candles, or a devotional. It’s a beautiful tradition revolving around the beginning of new life for Christians.

Secret Santa

Get your group of friends to do Secret Santa each year. Everyone secretly gives presents to one member of the group, and on the last day, everyone reveals who they had!

Hang some Mistletoe

In your house, put up some mistletoe in a well-traveled through doorway. It can spark romance or create lots of laughs and giggles. Let the kisses begin!

Enjoy some new holiday traditions this Christmas season! Celebrate this year the way Christmas should be celebratedwith your whole heart.

    Rebekah Joan - Editorial Intern

Rebekah Joan - Editorial Intern


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