Fall Beauté: Autumn Glow

Fall Beauté: Autumn Glow


Fall is closely tied to Spring as our most adored season! In Autumn, everything gets a tad chillier, a bit cozier and a whole lot more enchanting.  Fall is a wonderful season to experiment with new beauté looks and change up your routine a bit!

Experimenting with a new makeup routine or testing out a new technique is always fun. Although, it may take a few tries, it’s an invigorating adventure to try something new!  A trend that has us swooning is the glow-y skin makeup look.  Between beach vacations and sunny outdoor activities, looking warm and glowy in Summer is a breeze.  However, during the Fall season our golden tans start to fade.  Typically we pack our bronzer and highlighter away with our favorite cut-off shorts and dresses, but this year keep your bronzer out!  The secret to achieving a cool-weather glow is by implementing the right products and techniques.  From alabaster skin to the more tawny tones, we have the best tips to applying and finding the best shades of bronzer to give your complexion the most natural looking sun kissed glow.   

Find Your Bronze

Since, your skin may have lost that sun kissed color make sure you pick out a new Fall bronzer.  The Bronzer you wore in summer may be a tad intense for your Fall complexion.  Unless you use a self tanner during Fall and Winter, it’s best to look for a lighter bronzer to use for your now lighter skin. 

For Fair Skin Tones
Bronzers can sometimes overwhelm ladies with alabaster complexions but don't worry we have the best tips to give you that natural sun-kissed glow.  The key to finding a bronzer for your complexion is to look for a shade that is one to two shades darker than your natural hue.  Shy away from anything darker as it can make your complexion look unnatural.  Ladies who are fair-complected should look for sheer beige browns or honey toned bronzers with a little hint of shimmery peach or pink.  You want to incorporate a natural touch of golden warmth that seamlessly blends into your skin.  We love using a baked bronzer that incorporates light-reflecting pigments for a customized fit.

For Medium Skin Tones
Ladies whose complexion is in between fair and dark have different needs.  However, the golden rule still applies to every shade: find a shade that is only one to two shades darker than your natural skin hue.  For ladies with olive undertones find a bronzer that is soft copper, or pinky brown.  For those with yellow undertones look for a bronzer that is golden or soft coral.  You'll want to stay away from light pink or soft peaches as they have the tenancy to make your complexion appear washed out.   Remember, the goal is to find a shade that will add a touch of warmth for that sun kissed glow.

For Deep Skin Tones
Ladies with deep skin tones often find it difficult to find a bronzer that gives their complexion an instant look of warmth.  Have you ever felt that your bronzer disappears instead of achieving that sun-kissed glow?  By incorporating a few tricks and the right color choice, you can master that radiant glow.  Find a shade that is one to two shades darker than your natural complexion.  If you go lighter your skin will look ashy, however if you go darker your complexion can start to look muddy.  You want a bronzer that has lots of pigment combined with shimmery hues.  For deep skin tone ladies look for tones of golden, tawny or amber hues these will give your complexion that natural sun-kissed glow.   

Be Light Handed

When applying your bronzer go lighter than you think.  Bronzer should be used to create a natural-looking glow, not fake a tan.  And avoid putting bronzer on the bridge of your nose.  Applying bronzer on the bridge is counterproductive as it accentuates any under eye circles. Stick to the perimeter of your face; your hairline, temples, chin, and jaw line—and under your cheeks.  Also, a great tip if you want to make a high forehead look less noticeable, try extending the bronzer a few inches below the hairline.

Buff Your Bronzer

Instead of sweeping your bronzer on, buff your bronzer.  You can achieve this by making swift small circles using a big fluffy powder brush.  Using this technique will give you a soft natural look great for Fall.  Make sure you continue buffing until you have soften all the edges.  

You might feel a bit odd to break out the bronzer in the Fall but by finding the right shades and using these techniques, bronzer can give your skin that sun kissed glow all year round!

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