Editors' Letter: October Harvest

Editors'Letter: October Harvest

  Photographer: Venetia Scott

Photographer: Venetia Scott

"The season for enjoying the fullness of life -- partaking of the harvest, sharing the harvest with others, and reinvesting and saving portions of the harvest for yet another season of growth." -Denis Waitley

As we enter into the Autumn season, filled with the abundance of harvest yields, this is an ideal season to harvest your own unique and special talents, towards a voyage of discovering and proclaiming your own authentic beauty.  There is an abundance of lessons that can be gained through the harvest season; cultivating a beautiful yield requires dreaming, planning, creating, patience, pruning, perseverance, nourishment, love, and care.  Our theme for this month is, October Harvest.  This issue is focused on harvesting wisdom, patience, happiness, kindness and love.  Autumn is a season to focus on balance, evaluate your growth, and enjoy the fruits of your harvest. 

Our October Harvest issue is filled with articles that will encourage you to discover the benefits of harvesting well.  In this issue we are sharing ways we can all harvest love.  We'll explore how a grain of truth can positively impact our culture.  We're sharing our favorite nutritional recipes to keep you energized all season long.  We have gathered up our most adored books in our, Harvest of Books, for those cozy indoor days.  And we're sharing the secret treasures hidden within your local Farmer's Market.  We are also sharing the best Fall fashion tips to keep you looking stylish and warm.  Plus, this month we are welcoming some extraordinary contributors to our magazine!  

This months our goal is to recognize that each of our actions have an effect, even if the immediate results aren’t as obvious.  What we do matters!  If we plant seeds where the soil is fertile, roots grow and a seedling sprouts, eventually yielding fruit.  This month as we explore and examine the fruits of harvest, may your daily walk be harvested by love and truth. May it produce a fruitful harvest filled with nourishment for self and for others.  And may your harvest this season be plentiful! 

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