Chic Style: Raindrop Ready

chic style: raindrop

Spring is in the air!  However, before we can jump right into blue skies and sunny days, we have to get through the rainy season.  "April showers bring May flowers", and a whole host of fashion issues!  It's no fun getting caught in the rain, but thankfully there are great looking outfits that can help get you through the day! Some of our favorite items for a rainy day are: boots, raincoats, jellies, plastic totes, and of course, an umbrella.  To prepare you for your days of puddle-jumping and surprise downpours, we've picked out the best rain gear to keep you dry and look cute doing it. 


Not quite a parka and far from a trench, the classic rain coat is an easy topper that will keep you dry during the unpredictable afternoon shower.  This light pink raincoat is superb at fighting springtime rain clouds. (Raincoat • ZARA)


The dependable trench coat is a staple of many fashion icons and can be worn by both men and women.  It fits seamlessy with an array of outfits.  The traditional tan version is always on-trend, but we are loving this slight departure of pink hues. (Fit And Flare Trench Coat • Express)


A sports jacket is a great addition to any bag or as a go to item to keep in car.  The thin fabric of the jacket allows for it to be packed easily!  This sporty jacket can make a huge difference if you're ever caught umbrella-less. (Sport Hooded Jacket • Bench)

For a night on the town, the parka is a sensible and elegant piece.  The roomy cut is ideal for throwing over your blazer or ruffled blouse, since it won't completely crush whatever you've got on underneath.  Shop for a style that is made from a waterproof material. (Princess Raincoat • Jane Post)

On days when the down pour seems to not seize, pull on a trusty pair of rain boots and brave those puddles with a splash. The style range is huge for rain boots, extending from all-black versions to dotted, and brightly colored pairs.  Tuck your trusty skinny jeans into a pair of shiny Hunter wellies or choose a cute polka dot pair by Joules to pair with leggings.  I found these bright pink wellies in the big kids section at Nordstroms.  Whatever style you choose look for a pair that is made from rubber; they are sleek enough to wear all day, rain or shine.  (Gloss Rain Boot • Hunter I Polka Dot Rain Boot • Target I Girl's Rain Boot • Hunter


If the forecast calls for a light drizzle, heavy-duty rubber boots might be a bit heavy, instead, choose something lighter.  Rubbery jellies make a great addition to any wardrobe.  They're fully waterproof and add some playfulness to your look.  They're easy to wipe clean once you've reached your destination and you don't have to worry  about permanent damage to your favorite shoes.  (Sweet Girl Jellies • MelissaBow Jellies • Kate Spade)

Indulge in a fun umbrella to fight the rain.  A big bubble umbrella is a great option as it completely surrounds you.  There’s nothing worse than an umbrella that only shields only two-thirds of your body.  We love both these options:  (Pink Bubble • Target I Rain, Rain Bubble • Kate Spade)

Your umbrella may cover you from the rain, but, nothing is worse than when you get indoors only to find your handbag soaked because you couldn’t get it covered under your umbrella.  There are a few rain bag solutions out there, from the waterproof work bag to something more casual, like this Kate Spade bag, that can be folded after you use it.  This Kate Spade is great for fitting all your purse essentials inside plus it's a steal for under $20. (Sea Glass Coin Purse  • $50'Treat Yourself' Tote • Kate Spade)


What are your rainy day must haves?

Hugs and Kisses,


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