Editors' Letter: April Blossoms

april blossoms


April is a month filled with fragrant notes of renewal and freshness.  The snow melts into the ground, as the warmth of the sun fills the air, bringing forth new creations.  Flowers begin to blossom as the grass greens, and the birds sing!  What a beautiful season for new beginnings and new creations.  April is a time of celebration and rejoicing for all things new!  

Aptly, this month's edition is entitled, April Blossoms!  There is immense meaning behind this month's theme; as we prepare to celebrate Easter and are rejoicing in the new creations taking place around and through us.  This month's issue is filled with fresh ideas that will inspire you to blossom with inner beauty and love this Spring!  

In April Blossoms, we are sharing our tips on ways to organize and declutter your space, that will inspire you to open your windows and let the sunshine in!  We've even put together the ultimate Spring cleaning guide filled with suggestions on how to scrub every nook and cranny to make your place sparkle!  This month we're sharing the best Spring fashion trends, that will have you ready to mingle at all your warm weather festivities.  We're also sharing ways to alleviate your spring allergies so you can enjoy the spring air, sneeze free!  But that's not all....  we have a fun and easy DIY sugar scrub recipe on the way, that will have your skin feeling soft and smooth.  Plus, we have even more in store for you this month!  Including a flower guide for your Spring garden and a yummy snack recipe to keep you fit and energized!  This issue is loaded with lots of Spring sunshine and we are excited to share it all with you!  

Hugs and Kisses,

Tiffany & Krystle

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