Spring Break Edition: Packing Prerequisites

SB Edition: Packing

Palm Trees, Ocean Breeze, Salty Air, and Sun Kissed Hair....  Spring Break is near!  For those in college and for those reminiscing their college days, now is a great time to take a vacation to welcome in the Spring sun!  Whether, you're jet setting to white sands, taking a relaxing staycation or volunteering in another state or country, we've put together a list of packing prerequisites for your Spring adventure.

Packing can be an intimidating task, especially when professors are cramming tests, quizzes and essays into the days right before break.  If you entered into full on adulthood, finding the time to take a break from work and pack on top of it can be stressful.  Thankfully, we’ve made a packing list for your ultimate spring break trip!

 1.  Pack your suitcase with....

    •    4 to 5 swimsuits
    •    5 tank tops and/or tees
    •    4 going-out tops
    •    Sweatshirt or sweater (in case it gets chilly)
    •    2 going-out bottoms (white skinny jeans and a versatile skirt)
    •    2 pairs of shorts (jean, white)
    •    Your favorite pair of jeans
    •    2 to 3 cover-ups or casual dresses to throw on over your swimsuit
    •    1 nicer dress for going out
    •    Sandals
    •    Heels for nights on the town
    •    Flats for traveling
    •    Sneakers and socks (for working out)
    •    Pajama's
    •    Sweats (for some necessary relaxing)
    •    Leggings (for days when you want to be comfy)
    •    Underwear and bras (at least one set for every day you’re there, plus 1 to 2 extra)
    •    Simple, cheap jewelry you can wear with multiple outfits
    •    1 cross-body bag for going out

Tip: Bring separates that you can mix and match, and keep it casual.  Roll your clothes, rather than folding them. This will maximize space and keep your clothes from getting wrinkled.  Put shoes in a separate plastic bag to keep them from getting your clothes dirty. 

2.  Pack your toiletry bag with..... 

    •    Makeup
    •    Shampoo & conditioner (travel size)
    •    Hair products 
    •    Soap
    •    Razor
    •    Face Wash 
    •    Lotion 
    •    Toothpaste, toothbrush 
    •    Deodorant 
    •    Tweezers 
    •    Sunscreen 
    •    Extra contacts 
    •    Dental retainers 
    •    Miscellaneous

Tip:  Stick to the necessities to save space and go for an effortless, beach babe look this week! If you’re traveling by plane, remember TSA’s rule: any liquids, gels, creams, pastes, and aerosols must be in 3.4 ounce bottles or tubes in 1 quart-sized, clear plastic zip lock bag.  Using a clear plastic bags to carry your toiletries can eleviate spills from getting on the rest of your luggage.  

3.  Pack your tote or beach bag with.... 

    •    Photo ID, Passport
    •    Sun Hat
    •    Insurance information 
    •    Wristlet wallet (put some cash in your suitcase in case you misplace your credit cards) 
    •    Medication  
    •    Sunglasses 
    •    Water bottle 
    •    Book, Journal, Daily Devotional 
    •    Camera 
    •    Phone, Ipad, Chargers 
    •    Whistle (in case you're in an uncomfortable situation, this will alert others)

Tip: Use this as your handbag/carry-on for traveling to your spring break destination. Whether you’re going by car, bus or plane, you’ll want to keep these items easily accessible.  Bring an extra plastic bag for dirty clothes. This will keep them from soiling the clean items and reduce the amount of wash when you return.

4.  Pack school/office work....

•    You read that right....  You can use any downtime you might have to work on assignments that are due the week after break.  This way you won't be scrambling to get your work done the night before class or work.  Plus, it will give you some extra time to catch up with family and friends!  

Even though it's easy to want to pack your entire wardrobe, once you get to your destination you'll be happy you stuck to packing only the essentials.  Stay tuned for more Spring Break Editions on therosietoes.com.  Next week we are sharing our Spring Safety Guide and Beach Bag Basics!

What are you packing for your Spring vacation?   

Hugs and Kisses,


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