Editors' Letter: July Pixie Dust

july pixie dust


"Laughter is timeless, Imagination is ageless and Dreams are forever" - Walt Disney 

July is a month filled with wonder, adventure, and excitement.  The days are longer, warmer and a bit more carefree.  Summer is a season where you can allow your childlike curiosity to emerge and enjoy the little things.  Your playful days of youth were filled with ice cream trucks, sprinklers, lemonade stands, starry nights, bonfires, water slides, and being barefoot in the Summer sun.

This month’s issue, July Pixie Dust,  is all about regaining your childlike wonder, curiosity, and faith.  Your childhood days were filled with marvel, and each new discovery was incredible!   You trusted people. You were awed by fireflies, coloring, sparklers and riding your bike outside. The little things were fascinating to you. You spent your days enjoying yourself and immersing yourself in these little wonders. You had trust in others and faith in your dreams.  

In this issue we are sharing ways we can all let ourselves be awed by the little things in our grown up world while keeping faith and learning to trust again.  As we cruise from June to July we’ll be sharing the remainder of our articles on relaxation plus all this month’s articles.  This month is packed with posts from ways you can refuel and tackle the world with grace to learning how to regain your childlike curiosity and dream new possibilities.  We're giving you the best tips on how to pack a delightful picnic basket.  We’re sharing ways we can all find time to reclaim our sense of play.  Plus, we’ll be sharing ways we can regain childlike faith in our adult world and so much more!  This month we want to encourage you to find your inner child, reclaim a sense of play and let curiosity lead you on new adventures.  All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust!

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