Collegiate: Prepping for College

collegiate: prep for college


Transitioning from High School to College can be a bit intimidating; you are leaving the world you’ve known and are embarking on a whole new adventure.  The next few weeks of Summer is a great time to prepare yourself for your big transition.  Before shipping of to college we've put together a guide on how to prepare for this exciting new voyage....

1.  Enjoy Family

Purposefully, setting apart quality time to spend with your family before you go off to college is super important, especially if you're attending a school that is far away.  Spend as much as possible these next few weeks hanging out with your parents and siblings.  Even though they might get on nerves now, you will miss them when you aren't in arms reach.

2. Re-evalute Relationships

Relationships can be a tricky thing when you are going through transitions.  If you're currently dating somebody, take the time to talk over what both your expectations are once school starts.  College is a time when you are discovering who you are, you are transiting from being a teen to becoming a young woman.  Make sure your relationship is allowing you to grow and learn independence.  If you feel that the relationship isn't allowing you to blossom then take time to discuss this with your boyfriend.  

3. Get A Workout Routine

Beginning a new chapter is a great time to start developing new habits.  In college you are going to be busy with classes and extracurricular activities and staying in shape will easily get pushed to the side.  Now is a great opportunity to focus on getting into a solid workout routine.  Being in shape will give you more energy and confidence to take on this new voyage!  

4.  Fall In Love With Reading

Your college coursework will require substantially more reading than what was required in high school.  A great way to get acclimated to this increase is by reading more books now.  What you read isn't as important as how much, but it would be a plus to select books based on your intended major or areas of academic study.  Even reading books of personal interest will greatly benefit once classes are in full swing; you will be accustomed to taking the time out of your schedule to read.  

5.  Discover Time-Management Tools

Finding ways to balance the academic and social demands of college can be a challenge for even the most diligent student.  Luckily, there are now tons of digital tools and apps designed especially for students!  Take a few minutes to discover new apps and tools that can help you keep organize your schedules and repsonbilites.  Having time management will keep you organized and make sure you are using your time wisely. 

6.  Create A Chronicle

College is such a fun and exciting experience!  Now, is a great time to begin documenting your new chapter.  Create a notebook where you can share your thoughts, prayers and goals.  By starting when you’re still a pre-collegiette, you’ll be able to reflect on how much you’ve grown since high school.

7. Relax

You've been preparing for this new journey all Summer long so these next few weeks take a breather.  The anticipation of college can be stressful, so enjoy being with family and relax.  Instead of spending your time dwelling on school, clear your mind and seize the moment you are in.  Take some time to unplug from your tech devices and treat yourself to a spay day, take your mom or sister with you for a special girl's day.  Whatever you choose to do make sure it brings you happiness.  Soon your days will be filled with activities so now is the time to truly enjoy a little you time.  

These next few weeks have fun and appreciate every experience and opportunity, and enjoy being a pre-colliegete!   

What college are you attending this semester?

Hugs and Kisses


Image:  Paola Kudacki 


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