Collegiate: Adormable Décor

collegiate: adormable decor


As a college freshman or an upperclassman, going away to college is an exciting time!  Whether you are going to be staying in a college dorm room or at an off campus apartment, furnishing your place so that's it's warm and inviting is a must.  This your chance to customize and make your room uniquely yours.  You are on your own. You can make your own decisions about important things like what to eat for dinner, when you do your homework, and how you decorate your space!  We've put together a few tips that will have inspired and ready to add your own special sparkle to your new little nook!

Cozy Rug

A great way to add a warm and welcoming aura to your new room is by adding a fun area rug.  Instead of waking up and stepping on those cold linoleum floors you'll have a warm rug to place those morning tootsies on!  You can choose a classic solid rug, a bright hue, or eye-catching pattern.  Anything that will make you feel more cozy and comfy in your new space.  Be careful when picking the material of your rug, it's best to avoid any material that's delicate since it’s bound to get a little beat up in such a small space.

Stylish Lamp

A great way to add warmth into your dorm is by selecting a stylish.  The flourscent ceiling bulbs that many dorm rooms have can be hard on the eyes and don't offer different levels of brightens.  Find a lamp that offers different levels of brightness so you can easily adjust from studying to relaxing.  Plus, a cute lamp will add a heap full of style to your new place and a warm glow.   lighting to a space, and good-looking options are available at a range of moderate price points.

Fancy Pillows

An easy and fun way to add color and texture to your room is by piling on the decorative throw pillows.  The main focal point and seating option in dorms rooms are the beds.  Piling on some lush pillows on your bed allows you and friends something soft to lean against and ensures your space to be a favorite hang out spot.

Custom Bed

Customize your bed by adding a chic headboard.  They are the perfect item to add color to the drab dorm walls and make a comfortable rest for your head while studying or watching a movie with your roomie.

Polished Prints

Decorating your room with Iconic photos and prints are the go-to of dorm room décor.  However, to give your room a polished look steer away from the sticky tack and pop those posters into inexpensive frames with Plexiglas fronts.  For only a few dollars more, your photos and pictures will look much more chic.   

Fancy Fabric

A way to make your room trés chic is by using fabric to cover up open spaces.  For example adding extra fabric to your lofted bed is a great way to hide all your extra storage.  You can also create a little privacy to your desk area by creating curtains that you can pull while studying.  Another chic use for curtains is to place them under your sink to disguise all your toiletries.  There are a tons of ways fabric can add the touch of glam to your room.  

Organized Clutter

You have a lot of stuff and space is limited in dorm rooms!  Keep your room looking organized by placing your clutter in baskets or boxes that you can keep on your bookshelves.  Your items will still be in reach but visually, your place will look more pulled together.

Inspirational Desk

To get your creative juices flowing and study game on, create a well-organized study space.  Having a clean and inspiring area will allow you to focus on the task at hand.  You can also add some bright, inspirational artwork to your desk area to brighten your mood.  You can downloadd our very own print for free from Confetti Cheeks.  Click Here. You can also find more prints at Target, or at an art and craft store.  They will cheer you up and make your dorm room sparkle!

Fun Escape

You will be doing a lot of writing while in school but every so often it's important to break from all your studies and relax.  A great way to do this is by creating a little area in your room that allows you to relax and have fun.  You can add a comfy chair to your room where you can sit and read your favorite book, magazine or watch a new show.  This is also a great place to set your speakers so you can relax and listen to music!  

What are your favorite tips to making your room cozy?

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