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Since our launch we have blooming with an array of lovely fragrances and we are so excited to share are new aroma, 'En Rose'.  We affectionately named our site and outreach program Rosie Toes, in honor of precious sister Kristen Rose "Rosie Toes"; as our site has continued to grow we have discovered the importance of distinguishing between our online publication, and our outreach program.  From this point on our online and prayfully print publication is 'EnRose', while our outreach program will continue as, 'Rosie Toes Outreach'.  In the next weeks we will be working diligently to update our site and URL to reflect this change.  EnRose is translated from French as, In Pink.  At EnRose, we are inspired to serve, curate, and dream in rosie hues.  Through our mission and name we honor our angelic sister, Kristen Rose, and believe that each day should be experienced En Rose (in pink). 

EnRose is the tender bud of womanhood....

Have patience tiny rosebud your bloom is only beginning!

At En Rose we believe that our bloom is only the beginning of a powerful movement.   We want you to know that our heart behind En Rose is so much more than a website, we want to empower and inspire women to embark on an adventure to discover true beauty.   

That begins with introducing you to our vision.  When we created Rosie Toes in December our aim and effort was surrounded by the notion of igniting a revolution on how women dream, think and behave in light of society’s view on them.  We are on a mission to redeem an industry that has distorted and corrupted women’s self esteem by advocating for a new future where wisdom wins and authentic beauty is triumphant in every women.  We desire young girls to grow up with the knowledge that their character exemplifies who they are rather than the length of their skirts.  To find their worth in being women of integrity, compassion and intellect.  To be compelled to serve others, inspired by a cause bigger than themselves and motivated to become the best version of themselves, rather than aiming to attain physical perfection.  We want to encourage women to confidently flourish in their own authentic beauty.  En Rose is passionate in guiding women to discern that the pinnacle of female empowerment isn’t found in their sexuality alone, but in confidently embracing what they uniquely bring to the world as a woman, in mind, body, and soul.

Our Mission....

En Rose is purposefully designed to inspire and encourage women to be dreamers of dreams, curators of beauty and givers of love.  En Rose exposes the contemporary portrait of womanhood to spark a conversation on femininity and restore divine authenticity.  Embracing the belief that magnetic, and irresistible charm begins inside the heart, and is reflected through the soul.  En Rose is a cheerleader for authentic beauty guiding women to express beauty beyond appearance, worth beyond affluence, character beyond reputation, and kindness beyond popularity; all while inspiring women to sparkle with a feminine beauty that never fades.  En Rose is a faithful friend encouraging women to bloom through the expression of tenderness, modesty, wit, virtue and wisdom.  En Rose whispers you are unique, you are precious, you are treasured and you have purpose.  En Rose declares that each women’s smiling loveliness is the divine adornment of humanity and is an innate gift that has the power to spread true beauty throughout the world

Bloom EnRose....

We are launching something very exciting and we want you to be part of the En Rose movement!  Over the next couple months our mission is empower you by sharing your story, your passion and being the megaphone to your talent!  We are excited to announce that we are opening up opportunities for interns and volunteer contributors desiring to strengthen their own portfolios while working with fun, passion filled women, who have embarked on a mission to define what true beauty is.  We are seeking women who know that words have power and who desire to share their talents to inspire, encourage, and restore women.  Share #bloomenrose

We want to share your voice because you are the real voice and agent of change!

Writing Submissions & Feature Suggestions

At En Rose, we acknowledge that every word spoken or written has the power to inspire, encourage, and restore women.  We have set sail on an adventure with women all over the world discovering what true beauty is, all while intentionally communicating that women have purpose and worth.  Our magazine is purposefully designed to inspire, awaken, and refresh women through the discovery of their own authentic beauty.  Our community spans every socioeconomic; race, religion, and age, because we believe that there is strength in numbers, and that together through our voice we can be the catalyst of positive change in the world.

What quality guides our material?    

In everything we publish, we seek to inspire and encourage women. Our words are purposefully chosen to uplift and restore women.  We desire to have an open and candid conversation with women that will inspire and give them the courage to radiate their true authentic beauty. 

Every woman’s story is valuable, and we seek to make En Rose a place of refuge by acknowledging that every women has value and a voice that deserves to be heard.  Every facet of being a women is significant and is beautiful.  Our desire is to provide an outlet for women to discover their own authentic beauty and encourage them to radiate love in all they do.

How to Submit
To add your voice to the conversation, send your submission to therosietoes@gmail.com.  Topics range from character, beauty, style, dating relationships, body image, fitness, nutrition, parenting, love, truth and wisdom, career and finance.

Submission Process
Please submit a complete article in an attached pdf document or in the body of an email to therosietoes@gmail.com.  Please include your name, topic, article title, and a question to ask our readers. You may also include a brief bio and a link to your website (or Twitter or Facebook pages).

Formatting Guidelines
Word Count: 250-800 words

Original work:  All submissions must be original content that haven’t been previously published (you may post on your personal site after we post the article).  Please look over your submission for grammar, sentence flow, accuracy and spelling before submitting.

Editing:  We edit all submissions for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. If we need to make more significant changes, we will email you for approval before posting it. We also may provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post to provide context.  Although we can’t promise that we’ll post every submission we get, we will definitely read and consider them all.

Please Note: all contributors are unpaid at this time; however, the reward is having thousands of women hear your voice.

Marketing, Styling, Editing & Graphic Design Submissions
If you are interested in editing, styling, social media, business development, an internship, or any other ways to contribute, please email us at therosietoes@gmail.com with your specific interest and we will respond to you with ideas on how you can get involved.

Photos & Submissions
We love photos that speak!  If you are a photographer who would like to submit your work for our online use, please email us therosietoes@gmail.com.

Before submitting, we also ask that you note the following:

1.  By submitting your photo, you are granting us permission to use your photo on our website.

2.  We will give you credit at the bottom of the article where we use the photo, so please be sure to provide us with your name (as you’d like it to appear), as well as a link you’d like us to send our readers to.

3.  When you submit your photos, they will go into a queue for approval by one of our team members to ensure that the photos are appropriate in content, and fit for our overall aesthetic theme.

Note: At times we will use photos on this site found via Pinterest and various blogs. We always cite the source to the best of our ability. If you see an image on our site that belongs to you or if you know who it belongs to, please email therosietoes@gmail.com.

General Feedback/Questions
We adore hearing from our readers!  If you have general comments or questions that you would like to share with us, please send them to therosietoes@gmail.com.

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