Bloom: Voyaging The Uncharted Waters

voyaging uncharted waters


August is a month filled with exploration and voyaging through uncharted waters.  For some it may be the start of a new school year, going off to college, or adjusting to a new job position.  August brings excitement, new possibilities and a time of transition.  Even if you're no longer a student there is something invigorating about the Autumn season that signifies a fresh start.  This is a great time for us to refocus, and redefine our goals for the start of a new school or work year.  

An experienced sailor knows that with each adventure, there must be a goal set in place.  This month, take some time to craft your year goals, those ambitions that you’d like to accomplish by the time summer rolls around next year.  Learning ways to set our inner compasses will ensure that we have the right tools to navigate through unfathomed seas.  Usually, a new adventure is accompanied by high levels of motivation; you’re excited for all the new opportunities that await.  Though, as the months wear on our motivation begins to drown with never ending to-do-lists.  In order to nip this fiasco in the bud, we've put together some easy ways you can set your inner compass, and continue to navigate the waters even when your motivation starts to dwindle....

Get Organized 

The new school year floats on a sea of schedules.  Between school functions, work meetings, lunch preparation, after school activities, schoolwork, and spending time with family, it can seem impossible to stay afloat.  A great way to keep everything under control is by staying organized.  Our favorite way to do this is by creating a command central.  A command center is a centralized site for all your work or family schedules. Start by creating an event calendar to track after-school/work activities, school programs and volunteer work.  You can then add specialized calendars and schedules, and in no time you'll have an easy one-stop shop for time management.  When creating your command central remember that the function of the calendar is more important than the form.  If you're a fan of paper planners than you can dedicate a paper section to serve as Command Central, while tech-savvy girls can store their schedules into a smart phone or tablet and then sync the information with multiple computers. Choose a calendar format that works best for you and your family.  At EnRose Magazine, we like having both a paper calendar posted in a public place, and syncing the schedule to our smart phones!  That way we are all in tune!   

Find A Routine 

Routines may seem boring, but they are extremely beneficial for both adults and children.  Routines build positive habits while providing structure, and increasing your efficiency.  Structure allows for you to organize your daily tasks in way that makes sense to you.  You'll wake up with a sense of ownership and order.  Having a routine provides the structure you need to be able to navigate your day in a clear direction.  A routine will enable you to take action so you aren't wading in the piles of responsibility.  Plus, having a routine increases efficiency, by enabling you to do things without consciously thinking about them.  You will automatically accomplish your tasks, without having to remind yourself of what needs to get done. 

Cultivate Balance 

Take the time to purposefully plan ways that you can separate your work from your personal time.  Make sure that you are planning in time to allow yourself to relax after work, as this is essential in maintaining long-term physical and psychological well-being.  If you are constantly worrying about work, it can spill over and have a negative impact on your wellbeing.  Even if you're a stay at home mom, make sure you are taking out a few minutes a day to focus on yourself.  Take the dog for a walk, listen to a radio program, take a relaxing shower; do anything that gets your mind off your to do lists and allows you to relax.

Reward Yourself 

Giving yourself a reward is a great way to keep you motivated.  Especially when you’re going through a transitional period.  When we are setting new goals we tend to be extremely hard on ourselves and we except nothing but the best.  Instead of trying to achieve unrealistic standards, approach your goals from a position of possibilities.  Find ways to celebrate the small triumphs and give yourself a word of encouragement.  Forget about focusing on what you do wrong, and pay more attention to what you do right.  Give yourself treats, however small, when you meet your goals.  Rewarding yourself will keep you motivated and will let you focus on all the things that you have accomplished! 

Setting sail on a new voyage leads us into unknown waters, and requires us to take a leap of faith.  Whether you’re about to enter your first year of college, a mother starting out a new school year with little kids, or a career professional leading your company in a new direction, allow this season to invigorate your senses and motivate you to seek the positive in all you do.  Whatever stage you are take the time to appreciate the journey you are on.  Setting sail on a new voyage might test your skills, but if you continue to press on and journey forth you will grow from who you were to who you are meant to become.

What tips do you have for voyaging through uncharted waters? 

Hugs and Kisses,


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