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SummerProof Makeup


The sprinklers turn as the Summer wanes and the pavement wears with popsicles stains!  August has arrived and brought the sweltering, sticky summer elements.  When the season brings on hot humid weather our beauty regimen needs to step up.  To keep your face from melting off and your hair from frizzing up, we’ve put together our favorite beauty tips so you can keep your look cool, calm and collected no matter how hot and humid things get....

Clean Start.

When the Summer heat brings on the sweat washing your face is a must.  Though, thoroughly cleansing your face every night should be a non-negotiable all year long, it's extra important during the season when dirt, sweat, and oil are at a maximum. Since a breakout calls for more coverage, and piling on the makeup increases the chance of it moving around, nip the potential for this caveat in the bud by religiously keeping things squeaky clean. (bonus tip: washing your pillowcase more often will also alleviate any grime build up and promote clear skin)


Make sure to implement the use of primer during the sweltering Summer heat, to keep your makeup in place throughout the day. A primer also keeps your face looking matte by reducing any unwanted shine.  Apply your primer after your SPF and moisturizer and make sure you allow it to dry completely before putting on your face makeup.

Less Is More.

In order to combat the dreaded cake-face during the warmer months, dilute your foundation with a little face moisturizer.  This will make your traditionally heavier makeup a bit lighter and sheerer looking, which is ideal for summer.  Another great tip is to switch out your foundation for a lighter formula, such as a BB cream.  During the summer, less is more!


A great waterproof liquid liner will be your best friend during those smoldering August days.  Applying a waterproof liquid liner will ensure your eye makeup won’t smudge or run when things get hot (or wet).

Go Sheer.

For the summer months swap out your favorite lipsticks for their sheerer counterparts.  We love incorporating lip-glosses, tints and balms into our summertime beauty regimen.  They add the right amount of moisture to our pouts when the Sun is beaming.  


After applying your makeup set everything with a translucent powder.  Finding a great translucent powder will give you an airbrushed finish and ensure that your makeup won't smear throughout the long hot summer nights.  Paired with your primer, this will lock your glam look, even on the swampiest of days.

Hair Up.

There is no fun in having your locks stick to the back of your neck.  Instead, opt for a chic pony or romantic braid.  Having your hair up reduces the risk of excess moisture disturbing your makeup, and also looks chic, disguises sweat, and feels so much cooler.  

Tote A Mist.

Make sure to pack a cooling mist in your tote before you go out on the town.  A cooling spray provides a gentle boost of refreshment to your visage.  Plus, it brilliantly manages to keep your makeup in place all day long. 

Absorb & Control.

Even when you've done everything right thus far, sometimes a bit of oil insists on peeping through. In order to combat any incidental shine try dabbing your problem areas with blotting linens.  This will soak up any areas of concern so you'll be ready to enjoy whatever the heat brings.

What are your Summertime beauty secrets? 

Hugs and Kisses,


Image: Pixeleyes


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