Bloom: Treasure Your Inner Child

treasure your inner child


Our childhood days were filled with marvel, and each new discovery was incredible! We were awed by fireflies, coloring, sparklers and riding our bikes outside. The little things were fascinating to us. We spent our days enjoying ourselves and immersing ourselves into these little wonders. We had trust in others and faith in our dreams.  As we grow we allow the world to taint our view on ourselves and creation.  Today we've put together some ways we can all learn to regain our childlike wonder, curiosity and faith....

Be You:  always feeling the need to please other people or fit in takes away from who you are created to be.  Slowly, you start to lose sight of your passions, and the freedom and joy of being uniquely you!  So, forget about what everybody else thinks and enjoy being you.  Give yourself permission to embrace your gifts and take the time to appreciate yourself.  You will be able to love yourself better when you are able to allow your authentic beauty to shine!

Be Optimistic:  be the person you were as a child. Do something new, exciting and different.  Forgive the past and press on to the future.  The whole world can be your biggest cheerleader when you are true to the best of you.  Have fun doing little things and find freedom in laughter.  

Be Curious: experience the joy in looking for the answers. Make new friends and cherish the old. Invite creativity to become part of your daily routine.  Open new doors and continue to move forward.  Go on more book adventures.  Look at your mundane tasks, like cleaning, and cooking, and see where you can infuse them with spirit, individuality and fun. 

Be Creative:  If you think of yourself as a creative person, you will begin to act in creative ways. Use this new perspective of yourself and act as if your work, chores, commute and duties are outlets for your creativity—and they will be!  Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.  

Be Loving:  Write a letter to your own inner child.  That little girl deep inside you that loved to go on treasure hunts with the neighborhood kids or go on book adventures to far off lands.  The girl who would laugh for hours playing with your favorite toy.  The girl who dreamed big and loved unconditionally!  Simply begin by writing “Dear ______,” and have a candid talk with that little girl within you.  Talk to yourself about your mom, dad, siblings, school, insecurities, ambitions, dreams, etc.  

Picture yourself when you were a little girl.  Find a photo of you when you were a little munchkin. How would you treat her, love her, nourish her?  How would you nurture the little you if you were her mother?  Would you protect her fiercely while allowing her the space to spread her itty-bitty wings?  Would you allow her to take naps and give her food filled with nutrients?  What if she was being bullied, would you wipe her tears away and hug her with your perspective?

As we get older we lose sight of our imagination and we forget to be kind to ourselves!  God loves us dearly.  Take the time out to acknowledge the talents you were given and how precious you are.  God says that He created each of us with beauty.  Embrace the En Rose mission that says you are unique, you are precious, you are treasured and you have purpose.  Your smiling loveliness is the divine adornment of humanity and is an innate gift that has the power to spread true beauty throughout the world!  Embrace your inner child with a big hug!  

Hugs and Kisses,



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