Beauty Tutorial: Romantic Braid Bun

braid bun tutorial


I'm sharing with you an easy tutorial to achieve this beautiful and romantic braid bun.  It is the perfect hairstyle for your valentine festivities and can be worn during the day or evening.


  • Hair Elastic (clear are my favorite)
  • Comb
  • Hair Pins
  • Hairspray 


  1. Part your hair with a slight side part at the crown of your head.  Tie the remainder of your hair into a loose pony to keep it out of the way from the section you are braiding.  
  2. Separate a triangle at the top of your part and divided it into three section.
  3. Begin a french braid alternating each of the side section over the middle section and under the opposite side. 
  4. Continue french braiding and add a little more hair as you place each section over and under.  
  5. When you get to the bottom of your ear, pull your pony out of the elastic and join  your french braid in.
  6. Now that you have all your hair together proceed with a regular braid.
  7. When you have about an inch of hair not braided, tie it with your elastic.  Pull apart the braid to make it chunky and texturized.  
  8. Then take the tail of the braid and wrap it behind your neck into a bun.  
  9. Leave about 2 inches undone and loop it under through the bun (like tieing a knot)
  10. Place hairpins into the bun to secure it.  Spray with a bit of hairspray and you are ready to go out on the town!

Have fun with this braid and don’t worry about it being perfect.  I actually like the braid better after pulling the braid apart.  I love a chunky and texturized braid! 

Note:  If you have shorter hair you can still do the top french braid and pin it back at the base of your crown.  Leave the rest of your hair down as it makes for a super chic crown braid!

We would love to see your recreations!  Tag me @krystlekcampbell on instagram and use the hashtag #rosietoes.

Hugs and Kisses,



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