Valentine: Love is the Greatest

valentine: great love

Happy Love Day to all of our sweet Rosie Toes readers (rosebuds)!!  We love Valentine’s Day because it is a holiday that recognizes the importance of taking time to show affection to those who mean so much to you.  It is a day that is marked by adding a little more meaning into our everyday actions.  The true meaning of love is not just thinking about what we want but putting others before us.  Taking the time to do random acts of kindness is a beautiful way to celebrate the day.  By showering others with kindness not only will they be delighted but also in the act of giving, you will be blessed by the joy of service.  

In honor of this day of love, we have put together a few ideas of ways we can all show love, from the great love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13:

1.  “Love is patient”  Loving others means taking time out of your schedule to show others you care.  Be patient with others and allow them time to share their story with you.  It will make them feel special and important.  

Action:  Shower a place or person with love by decorating a friend’s house, a children’s hospital, or a homeless shelter.  (in public place check their regulations)  Take time out of your day to shower others with love.  

2.  “Love is kind”  Being kind means meeting the needs of another person.  We love others by finding ways to encourage them without expecting anything in return. 

Action:  Show kindness through giving to those in need of food and clothing.  Share a bag of sweets with anybody who looks in need of love on Valentine’s Day.  

3.   “Love doesn’t envy”  Are you genuinley happy for the success of others or do you secretly wish you had what they had.  Love is rejoicing with others when they are blessed and being grateful for what you have.  Love means being truly happy for others whereas envy looks at others and wants what they have.  Love is wanting what is best for others at all times.  

Action:  Congratulate a friend, family member or co-worker who has gone the extra mile by giving them a card or buying them a fancy cupcake.  Reach out to others and show them gratitude and affection.

4.  “Love doesn’t boast”  Take the time to give kindness without telling others what you did.  Expressing love means focusing on others rather than wanting to draw attention to yourself.  Taking the time to show kindness without telling others allows you to really focus on the person who you are wanting to share love with.  

Action:  Show your love by sending valentines letters anonymously to others.   Bring treats to work or school and share with everybody or buy flowers for the post man or security guard.  Give unexpectedly and unreservedly.

5. “Love is not arrogant”   Love is about being humble and thinking of others before yourself.  Being unloving is only thinking of yourself.  Instead of focusing on how great we are, we should take the time to focus on others needs.  

Action:  Put money in a parking meter, clean off a car parked near yours, pay the toll for the car behind you, buy an extra cup of coffee.  Humbly give to others without expecting anything in return.  

6. “Love is not rude”  Taking the time to respect other’s feelings is a loving way to show you care.  It means that they are more important than ourselves and what we might feel like doing.  Being courteous and mindful of proper manners is a nice gesture to show others that you truly care about their feelings.  

Action:  Hold the door for somebody, help somebody put groceries in their car, help a person safely cross the street, or help in the kitchen with dishes after a meal. 

7. “Love is not selfish”  A part of loving others means that we forgo our own wants and desires for what others would like.  It means showing selflessness and doing things that will make others happy rather than ourselves.  

Action:  Shovel your neighbors driveway, put money in a parking meter, pay the toll for the car behind you, buy an extra cup of coffee, or buy a bouquet and give individual flowers to strangers on the street.

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails!!

Valentine's Day is not just about romance but showing love to all.  No matter what your relationship status is you can give love.  Take the time to honor, celebrate and cherish those around you by showering them with love and kindness.  Let love fill the air!!

Hugs and Kisses,


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