Tutorial: Gratitude Jar (Free Printable)

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Thanksgiving is a day away and soon we will be gathered with our family and friends to share laughter and love.  This is a wonderful opportunity to reminsicane all those treasured moments you are so grateful for.  To inspire you this holiday, we have an easy and simple activity that you can do with all your guests, a gratitude jar.

To create a gratitude jar, find any large jar or container and decorate it with festive embellishments.   Remember, the important thing is the words of love and thankfulness going inside.  Once your decorations are complete you are ready to add gratitudes notes.  We have made gratitude cards especially for you to print out.

-Gratitude Cards 

On Thanksgiving, have each of your guests write down moments and things they’re grateful for.  It can be a cherished memory or a silly memory. Then gather your guest around to read through all the notes.  Make it special—let each person have their chance to read, to laugh, and to reminisce.  Happy Thanksgiving Rosebuds!

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