Trick or Treat: Cute Sheep Costume

Cute Sheep Costume


This story is from the fabulous fashionista and blogger behind The Joy of Fashion, Marie McGrath!  Her site is filled with bright colors, joy, and a "touch of silliness".  Marie believes that, "life is about being happy and having fun", and that definitely shines through in all her fun and happy posts!  We are so excited to share some of that fun loving silliness with you in this DIY Cute Sheep Costume tutorial by Marie. enjoy!

Hi guys, I'm Marie! For my Homemade Halloween costume idea, I present to you this adooooorable Sheep costume!! (Can I get a baaaaahhhhh?!?!... haha, I'm corny. I know.).  Keep scrolling down to see how you can make this ;)

Materials You'll Need:  

For Dress and Hat.....

  • White Dress (I got an affordable one at Forever 21 for under $15),
  • Fabric Glue
  • Lots and Lots of Cotton Balls
  • Black Tights
  • Long Black Sleeve Shirt

For Ears....

  • Scissors
  • Black and Pink Felt
  • Needle and Thread

10 Easy Instructions:

  1. Lay the dress out on a table and place a piece of cardboard under the area you want to start at.
  2. Apply a lot of glue to a cotton ball, and...
  3. Start gluing them on the dress!
  4. Cover the entire dress in cotton balls
  5. Repeat on the other side until the entire dress is covered!
  6. To make the hat, begin by cutting out two ears in black and pink felt.
  7. Use a needle and string to sew the ends of the ears inwards a little to give them a round shape (rather than flat).
  8. Then sew the ears to the sides of a white beanie hat.
  9. Start covering the beanie with cotton balls just like you did with the dress until....
  10. .... the entire hat is covered.

Scroll through slideshow for picture instructions!


To look more like an animal, I decided to do this simple makeup using my black eyeliner. Easy peasy and looks great ;)

And with that you are all done guys! This is the perfect costume for anybody who wants to wear something original, cute, and homemade. I highly doubt you will find another person dressed as a sheep, so you will be unique wherever you go! I hope you all enjoyed this costume and to see more Do-It-Yourself costume ideas check out my blog at www.thejoyoffashionblog.com!


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