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savvy sunnies

At Rosie Toes our go-to accessory for looking chic on the run is a fab pair of sunnies.  Sunnies are a girl's best friend on those days when we have to run out the door and don't have time for mascara.  Recently, I've been admiring Victoria Beckham's darling metallic aviators in high-voltage fuchsia; at $550 they are definitely an investment piece.  Splurging on a great pair of sunglasses can really up your accessory game and can offer a level of artistry that inexpensive sunglasses may not.  However, as much as I love a glam pair of sunnies, I tend to somehow either break them in my bag or misplace them!  So, when I find a budget-friendly alternative, I'm enthusiastic.  The other day I was in H&M and I stumbled across a pair of sunglasses that are very similar in style to the Beckham aviators I've been craving!  Take a look for yourselves.... 

 Luxe: Classic Aviator sunglasses • Victoria Beckham   

Less:  Gold Sunglasses  • H&M 

I've been wearing this H&M pair all week and I'm so happy with them.  For $7.95 a pair, you can afford to buy an extra pair of these chic aviators, just in case you happen to misplace a pair!  They will have you looking and feeling chic on the run plus they won't break the bank!  Whether you love the look so much that you are willing to invest a little more or you're a budget babe not quite ready to splurge, there is a style at every price point.  

What are your favorite sunnies for on the go days?

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