Editors' Letter: September Explorations

Editors' Letter September Exploration


“There lies a treasure for you to discover.  Behind the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Where love abounds,  and grace calls your name .  Go explore the hidden places, the secret gardens.  Go and discover the treasure worth finding.  The treasure that's waiting for you!"  - TLC

The month of August we "Set Sail" on many new adventures.  This month we now take our voyages to the land of exploration.  This is the season for discovering your innate gifts and exploring your passions.  As we take on new adventures this Autumn, we seek the importance of exploring all the treasures around us.  This month's issue, September Exploration, is filled with articles on exploring new goals, talents, friendships, faith and cultures.  

We designed this issue to inspire and encourage you to discover your inner explorer.  To seek knowledge. To go into unknown territory, document what you find and seek to explain its significance.  Each day holds new opportunities that are waiting to be discovered and explored.  Curiousity leads us on new explorations, and through those discoveries we arrive at new destinations.  September Exploration, is filled with ways we can all become explores on our own unique voyages.  We'll be sharing our tips on how to gain confidence and explore new friendships at school and work.  We are sharing ways we can cultivate traits of an explorer and learn the importance of inner exploration.  We'll be discovering new cultures and learning how we can benefit from other communities.  This month, we have a simple guide on how you can easily update a room to allow for creativity with our brand new interior design contributor, Danielle Murrieta.  We'll also be sharing the trendiest Fall Fashions on the Runways during New York's fashion week.  And we are exploring the benefits of tangible based nutrition with renowned nutritionist, Mia Syn.  Plus so much more!  This issue is filled with so many exciting articles waiting to be explored by you!  

Let your curiosity be your guide this month, Rosebuds!

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