Editors' Letter: June Cruisin'

june cruisin'


We're cruisin' through June at Rosie Toes!  The office has been bustling these past few weeks as we've been preparing to release some exciting news for our readers.  We've had sunrise meetings and worked long into the night in preparation.  We know that you will be thrilled by all the exciting happenings that are coming soon to Rosie Toes.  In the meantime, we are so glad to bring you a new issue of Rosie Toes!  After some very busy weeks we have so much to share with you!  

June is a great month to roll down your windows, let the summer breeze blow through your hair while taking a cruise on the scenic route.  All year we stay busy with school, careers, family events, and chores.  Our to-do- list seems to go on and on while our calendars are bursting with meetings, phone calls and coffee dates; we are constantly on the go!  Although, being ready to conquer the world at any given moment is a great quality, sometimes, we need to purposely set aside time to relax.  If we push ourselves to the limit without scheduling in time to relax we become overwhelmed and quickly burn out.  Allowing ourselves to be renewed through the chaos ensures that we bring our best selves to the places we care about most.

This month's issue, June Cruisin', is all about discovering the benefits of slowing down and purposely taking the scenic route.  We filled this issue with tips and guides on how to truly enjoy the time we desperately crave but seldom allow ourselves to take.  We are sharing the best tips on how to achieve rhythm and balance in your daily routines.  We're giving you ideas on how you can create and transform a space into a peaceful oasis.  We've put together a guide on how to refuel so you can tackle the world with grace.  In this issue, we are also sharing with you our favorite ingredients that naturally promote relaxation.  We also have the best guide on how to unplug from your devices.  Plus, we're sharing our favorite soul-nourishing tips and so much more!   We invite all of our Rosebuds to hop in as we explore the art of relaxation.  

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