Chic Style: Rain Boots and Puddles

rain boots and puddles

This weekend the sun smiled upon us with warmer temps.  A few degrees warmer can make such a huge difference.  Recently, we have been in the negative temps but this weekend it was 30 degrees!!  That might still seem really cold but at least we are in the positive digits.  There were so many people out enjoying the warmth of the sun.  Most of them had no coats on....you would think it was mid summer!  The warmer temps are so nice, however, when the snow melts it creates mud puddles!  I'm so happy I chose to wear my rubber rain boots on our walk.  Now, I have to find a comfy doggie pair for Coconut to wear!!  His little paws were covered in mud!  I had to give him a mini bath to get his paws white!   

IMG_07581.jpg IMG_075.jpg

Outfit Details:  Orange County Cardigan Hollister I Jersey Tee • James Perse I Leggings • J.CrewTall Rain Boot  14th & Union (also craving these Rain Boots • Hunter) Sunnies • Valentino I Purse • J.Crew (sold out) Similar and Similar


I found this sweater cardigan at Hollisters in downtown Chicago while Christmas shopping with my mom.  I'm so excited to tell you all that it is now 50% off!!  It's only $25!!  This sweater cardigan is a must have.  It's super comfy and warm.  I've attached the link above to where you can purchase it.  I love that the cardigan is longer and I can wear it with leggings for a dressed up casual look.  

My adorable little sis turned 10 years old this weekend!!  She is such an intelligent and talented girl!!  We met on set of a television series and I instantly adored her.  Every time we hung out we would have so much fun together and I "adopted" her as my little sis.  She reminds me so much of myself at that age.  She is adventurous, curious, and shares a love for marine animals! :)  I'm so thankful for her sweet spirit!  Happy Birthday Little Sister!   

What is your favorite snow/rain/mud boots?

Hugs and Kisses,


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