Café Chat: Danielle Murrieta, Interior Designer

café chat: Danielle Murrieta

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Danielle Murrieta, a superb interior designer based out of Southern California.  She has been in the interior design field for over 18 years , and is the founder of the boutique design firm, Studio DDM.  Danielle’s expectational ability to create visually appealing spaces has made her a prominent interior designer.  This eclectic artist is a master at tackling tricky design situations.  For example, she recently took on the task of transforming her daughter’s room into a more mature yet movable room.  A room that would be able to grow with her daughter, Stella, and could easily transition from adolescence to pre-teenage years.  The result is a sweet and colorful oasis that is filled with style and sophistication.  Danielle gave us a personal tour, of her daughter's newly designed oasis, plus, shared with us some tips for simplifying and streamlining the transformation of a room.

We are excited to have the opportunity to feature you, can you tell our readers about your first foray into interior design?   

Interior design has been always been a passion of mine.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawn to designs that are aesthetically pleasing.  I spent a large part of my adolescence watching my dad paint, and strolling through antique shops with my mom.  Designing gave me an outlet to express my own creativity.  After High School, I attended the University of Arizona for a few years, then transferred to the Interior Design Institute where I earned my B.A. in Interior Design.  In school, I began really explore the meanings and messages behind the styles and decorative images that I was encountering on a daily basis.  This helped me to use the images around me to create my own unique designs.  Understanding the language of design, equips you with the tools to add originality and creativity to your work.  Each new project gives me the ability to apply these tools and allows me to continuously share my passion of creating beautiful spaces.  

What is it about home design that interests you? 

I love being able to create spaces that bring people together.  I enjoy each stage of the interior design process, from the beginning stages of figuring out the design concept to seeing the finished project take form.  Each project offers something completely unique which constantly keeps me inspired.  The most rewarding part of my is seeing my clients share their new space with those who they love the most.  I’m fortunate to have so many remarkable clients.

What words describe your personal aesthetic when it comes to interior design?   

My personal style aesthetic is a California eclectic style with a little bit of laid back boho.  However, each project I work on my first objective is to learn about my client’s style.  My aim is to infuse my client’s style preferences into the project in a stylish and cohesive manner.  The process of merging styles together is what make being an interior designer so fun.     

What was your inspiration for daughter’s room design? 

My daughter, Stella, has a love for art.  We based the room on a collection of work that she had drawn and painted.  I wanted to frame the pieces and make them a part of the design by displaying them.  Keeping with the laid back Boho style of the rest of our home, I purchased several different finished frames and sizes for us to incorporate into her room.  We then created an art collage around a Boho letter “S” that I had picked up at a store.  I had her room painted in light grey to give the room a neutral background to start with.  We then changed out the knobs on her dresser with gold finish agate rocks.  We added in some electric print pillows with a Mexican blanket that we had purchased on our recent travels to Tulum this year.  I’m a firm believer in keeping a simple white base/palette to work with.  For example, use white bedding then add throw pillows and blankets to five your space a boho feel, or whatever look you are seeking to achieve.  Stella helped me pick out the wood accent table and animal print ottoman, she has already garnered her own design aesthetic!  

Can you give our readers some tips on how they can easily update and transform a space? 

First start with a plan.  Make an inspiration board that can inspire you and help you define the look you want.  Work off a neutral and clean palette this will help you declutter your mind and space.  Next, take inventory of things you already have and the items that you have to purchase.  You can even add a little note next to each on how you are going to use that item. Remember to utilize the things you already have.  You don’t have to get rid of all your stuff to achieve a new space.  Instead, you can find new pieces to incorporate into your possessions.  Remember to keep within your plan for the room (the style, color scheme, aura, and budget) this will make your space more cohesive.  These tips will help your turn your mediocre space into a space you really enjoy spending time in.  Also, finding somebody who can help you identify a design scheme and execute the project in an organized way will make the process much easier and a whole lot more fun.  By beginning with an outline of your budget and design goal, you will be able to stay focused and will be more likely pleased with the final product!

We are so excited to announce that Danielle is our new contributing editor, for interior design at EnRose Magazine.  We love Danielle's style aesthetic and we're thrilled to be adding her to our editorial team.  Welcome Danielle!  


Danielle Murrieta
Contributing Editor


Tiffany Campbell
Editor in Chief


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