Bloom: Friendship Gratitude

Friendship Gratitude


Friendships play an integral role in who we are and in our well-being.  Friends show us how to laugh, forgive, play, and grow.  They are there when we need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.  This month we want to encourage you to cultivate and express friendship and gratitude.

Gratitude allows us to connect to others better and strengthens our relationships.  Expressing appreciation creates a closeness through allowing others to see how you view them.  More than any other emotion, gratitude is the emotion of friendship.  Every small act of kindness has the power to make a difference in a big way.  Kind and thoughtful actions of gratitude let others know how much you appreciate them.  Even small acts of kindness can make a difference in a big way when expressing gratitude.  A simple, heartfelt "thank you,” compliment, help on a task, or hug has the power to change somebody’s day.  Today we’re sharing a few ways to express gratitude to others and allow for friendships to flourish . . .

Words Of Gratitude
Tell others through words—either spoken or written—that you love them, you appreciate them, and they’ve made you a better person. A hand-written note on some cute stationery is a wonderful, personalized way to do this. Let them know that you’re a better person because of what they’ve done for you. Even a simple “I love you” as you’re parting separate ways or a “you inspire me” in between sips of coffee can go a long way. Your friends mean a lot to you. Make sure they know that.

Gifts Of Love
It’s autumn, the season of wonderfully-scented candles and lotions. Buy something small but meaningful and give it to a friend as a thank-you for how wonderful she is. You could even make her a hand scrub or some homemade cookies. Your friends also enjoy being taken care of, like you do. So give them something to help them relax and remember that they are loved.

Quality Time
Take some time out of your week to catch up with your friends. Make them your priority for an evening. Go through a corn maze or take a hike through the forest. Or for rainy days, try a visit to a museum or sit in a local café and enjoy the time with just the two of you. Talk with them and listen to what they say. Is there any way you can take something off their shoulders to help them breathe? What are they struggling with, and how can you help them?

A Hug
This season, let’s remember how much a simple hug can mean. Whether it’s a hello hug or a comforting embrace, encircle your friends with your love. If you don’t like hugs, giving one means even more to the recipient. The tender touch of a close friend can calm someone and gently remind them that they are cherished.

Give A Hand
Are any of your friends stressed out? Maybe you could take something off their shoulders. Whether it’s watching their kids free of charge so they can have a much-needed date night or taking them shopping, see what you can do to help them relax. Our culture is brimming with things that stress us out. Let’s help each other to stay calm and joyful in the middle of our troubles.

This month is all about thanks and giving, so take the time to show gratitude to those who have impacted you in positive ways.  Let them know that they’re loved and appreciated, and that you’re grateful for them. Remember these tips during your day-to-day interactions. Show your thankfulness through loving gestures and opening your heart to those you hold close and highly revere.

"Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves" - Romans 12:10


Tiffany Campbell
Editor in Chief


Rebecca Joan
Editorial Intern


Image:  Wildfox  


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