ROSIEnation Campus Program

ROSIEnation is on a mission to “Paint The World ROSIE” by creating positive experiences for children who are facing challenging circumstances. We believe the best way to share love and be champions for children is through caring individuals. This is why we’ve created ROSIEnation, a program designed to encourage storytellers to share hope, love, and dreams come true all over the world.

ROSIEnation Team Members commit their time and energy to provide memorable experiences to children facing challenging circumstances and their families. Team Members understand the value of that commitment and are inspired to have the greatest impact possible.

  • Utilize social media outlets to raise ROSIE awareness on campus and throughout the local community
  • Work with organization and clubs to organize fundraisers and events
  • Create social media pages for your groups or chapters
  • Arrange care package distributions to local children’s hospitals and pediatric wings
  • Plan and execute ROSIE events in your community

Each Team must have a minimum of 5-7 Members depending on your campus size. Official team members will be eligible to win prizes from campus crew competitions, and volunteers will be able to apply to be on the official crew. Official crew members will also be allowed to use a special ROSIErep discount code. Leadership Positions: Captain, Vice Captain, Public Relations Manager and Secretary.

The ROSIEnation Program is open to all current undergraduate college students in the United States. We currently do not accept applicants from any other educational institution types into the Crew Program.

Admission into the ROSIEnation Program is a competitive and selective process. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis beginning August 19th, 2016.

The name of your Campus Team is based on your college or university (ex. ISU ROSIEnation). This name will be used to reference your Team in marketing materials, social media posts and by customers online to Credit purchases to your Team. Your Team name will be entered at checkout on our online store so that you receive Credit for sales.

You don’t have to be a student organization in order to be a Campus Team and begin making an impact. Every campus has different rules and restrictions for official student organizations on campus. Since the process of establishing a student organization is a bit more in depth, we only allow teams that have been established with ROSIEnation for at least a semester to enroll as a student organization. 

Always work to create smiles and further improve the lives of children facing challenging circumstances. Be mindful and respectful of Team Members and other Teams. Allow each Team Member to have a voice.

ROSIEnation is dedicated to creating happy experiences, donating care packages, and providing comfort to children experiencing traumatic situations.  Creating happy experiences for children while they are in treatment is what makes ROSIE magical. By being apart of ROSIEnation team members have the opportunity to participate in Donation Events. Through these events, team members make a direct impact by providing magical and happy experiences with children facing traumatic experiences and their families.  

Your Team will earn Credits by selling products. As your Team accumulates Credits, new levels will be opened. At each level, your Team will receive exclusive gear, host Donation Events or otherwise create life-changing experiences for children facing challenging circumstances.

Campus Team Challenges will provide you the chance to win cute ROSIE gear, tools to help your Crew or additional resources for holding Donation or Promotional Events. Some require involvement from all Members of your Team together and others are for individual Members to complete on their own.

ROSIE products are all about the experience provided with them. Your Team will promote the sale of ROSIE products in-person and online through social media. Learn how to build and create sales strategies with your Team to have an impact on children in need. For every product your Team sells, 50% of the net profit goes to creating smiles on children’s faces, and supports our mission to share hope, love, and dreams come true with children and families affected by stressful or traumatic circumstances.

Each of our Campus Team Members will be added to our program wide Facebook group, made up of Campus Team Members across the nation. In that group, we will post leaderboards, Challenges, updates, Ideas and Events. You will be able to communicate with other Campus Team Members, post content from your Events and share ideas. Your Team will also create a public Facebook, Twitter account and Instagram account for your Team to promote your Team activities and the mission of ROSIE.

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